About Chashma- high-quality eyewear at ridiculously affordable prices.

Chashma Stores


Chashma is a modern eyewear company with one mission : to make india known for international, high-quality eyewear at ridiculously affordable prices.

We want to make eyewear exciting, brash, relevant and build a community around this singular focus—of bringing indians from all over to be proud of their roots.

We’re the butter chicken at your dhaba, the tipsy host at your wedding, and the best music you’ll ever get from eyewear. This is Chashma.

Rohit Gupta

Dukaan Ka Owner

Chashma Stores

Completely made and designed in India

At a time when the country has taken a hit, consumer behaviour is shifted to more local, handcrafted products that have a strong story behind them. Chashma in the name itself is an Indian brand, made in India, for indians, to uplift our communities. Our vision is focused.


Experienced Executive Team

We have access to partnerships with the best frame manufacturers in India, for the best prices, and most customized designs. In addition to this, with 40+ years of experience manufacturing top quality lenses for India and abroad, you'll be with the best of the best. With a proven record, our partners are set in achieving growth and expansion.



Our company is dedicated to have the best-in-class technology and training, all the way from manufacturing to software UI/UX and marketing. We are looking to be a leader in the technology space in our industry.

Chashma Stores

Market Opportunity

By 2030, 77% of Indians will be be millennials and gen z.

Chashma Stores
Chashma Stores

Key Growth Drivers

35% of the population still needs corrective vision.

Limited penetration in lower-tier towns.

Chashma Stores

The eyewear space has potential markup of 300% between cost and retail price.

Untapped optician channel-nearly 4% of sales occur on recommendation of doctors and opticians.

Chashma Stores

Only 20% of the market is branded. The rest are unorganized players.


Indian Eyewear Industry

$7.4 Billion

Chashma Stores
Chashma Stores


Unorganized Players


CAGR for contact lenses.


Organized Players CAGR 15%

Polarized sunglasses is dominating the sunglasses segment.

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