Let’s face it- you got no choice but to wear prescription glasses. The doctor says it’s the only way you can recognize your special someone coming down the street. The headaches, the squinting, and the blurry road signs- all have been too much of a trouble for you to continue without eyeglasses. Guess you’ll have to go shopping for one. Don’t go just now- we have some pearls of wisdom that you’ll thank us for – later, of course. We know that you equate eyeglasses with Upanetra used in 5th B.C (FYI, those were lenses used by Indians in ancient times), but they’re now much more than medical devices- in today’s world, they’re fashion statements, per se.

Let’s give you a few simple tips that’ll make life with eyeglasses much easier. After all, dipping into the water is wiser than splashing right into it.

Hold On To Your Seat! It’s Gonna Get Dizzy


The first time or rather the first day is all about adjustments. You look through the eyes but see through the brain (that’s how vision works). Your brain isn’t used to see through glasses, powered ones at that. You WILL experience a change in how you’re seeing everything. Take it easy and allow yourself a few days (around a week) to get into the habit. Chances are, that you might experience vision that makes you dizzy. Don’t worry, it all passes.

It Can Be Nauseating At First.

If you haven’t ever worn prescription glasses, your brain might be shocked (not literally) when you wear one. It takes some time to adjust to glasses and in the meantime, you might feel nauseated. New glasses mean sharper and smoother vision, they might also strain or sore your eyes. As always, allow yourself some time and you’ll come out on the top.

Don’t Burden Yourself.


Stop putting too much pressure on yourself. If you don’t feel like wearing eyeglasses all the time, just don’t. But, do put those on for a few hours (2 to 3) every day as it’ll build your capability and let you slowly adjust to them. Pick any daily activity to wear eyeglasses like traveling to work, cooking dinner, or working out in the gym.

Clean It Right.


Don’t clean eyeglasses with tissue paper as that’s inherently made of wood and can leave scratches on the lenses. It’s better to use a lens cleaner spray and wipe it with a microfiber cleaning cloth.

Be A Champ! Don’t Give Up!


Some just stop wearing eyeglasses even if they suffer without them. Remember! There’s an adjustment period that comes with the baggage. Don’t give in to pain- be patient, and it’ll all work fine.

How Am I Supposed To Know if The Lenses Aren’t Right?

Well, if it’s the first time you’re wearing glasses, you can feel dizziness, strain, nausea, soreness, or all of that. That might make you wonder - How am I supposed to know if the glasses were made correctly in the first place? Pretty easy to know, if the symptoms persist even after a fortnight, take the glasses back to where you bought them from.