Every once in a while you hear someone going ‘Itta TV dekhne se aankh kharab ho jayegi!’ or ‘har waqt phone pe aankh phodti rehti hai!’ That ‘once in a while’ is probably every Sunday you spend Netflix and chilling. A soft rub on the eye is termed as ‘ye jo itna game khelta hai na tu. Ye usi ka natija hai’. How’d you defend against that? Hint: You can’t. There are tonnes of myths about eyes that we take for a fact, not because we cross-checked but heard it so many times that it’s now ingrained in our memories. Now’s the time to go on our myth-busting ride to fact-check a few of those confounding theories:

Zyada screen dekhne se aankhein kharab hoti hai!


If you love binge-watching Money Heist, Naruto, or Game of Thrones- we won’t hold you guilty for unblinkingly staring at the screen. Nor you’re to be blamed for spending a few hours playing GTA 5 on your PC or scrolling your Instagram feed on the phone. It’s how it is- digital devices are the newest necessity. But, can too much of it cause blindness? The answer’s a resounding NO! Research says the most it’ll do is strain your eyes. Just remember to follow the 20-20-20 rule- that means looking at a distance of 20 feet every 20 minutes for 20 seconds.

Dahini Aankh Phadakna Ashubh Hai/ Bayi Aankh Phadakna Matlab Kuch Shubh Hoga


Twitching eyes might not be a shubh or ashubh sign of anything to come, but they surely can be a sign of nutritional deficiency, corneal abrasions, fatigue, or stress for that matter. It’s an involuntary spasm of eye muscles and there are three kinds of it- Myokymia being the most common one. Despite the cause of it, warm compresses on the eyes will bore a Shubh result.

Rhetorical Question: Wanna Get Rid of These Glasses? Eat Lots of Carrots!


While everything’s a fact in broscience, don’t readily believe every tip you get on improving your health. After all it’s a classic case of ‘source- just trust me bro’. While carrots do help maintain the health of your eyes, there’s absolutely no food in this world that can get rid of those glasses.

Andhere Me Phone Chala Rahi/Raha Hai! Chashma Lag Jayega!


While you’re off enjoying a novella in dim light, your eyes are straining themselves. How? In the dark, the pupils widen to allow in more light; this means more work than usual and hence the strain. The same goes for using your phone in the dark- the glare coming off the screen will cause strain and discomfort to the eyes. Whatever the case, it’ll never come to you needing prescription glasses because of that.

Color-Blind People See Everything in Black-and-White


It might be one of the stupidest myths out there. The simplest explanation is that color-blind people see colors differently. A major indicator is that color-blind people have trouble differentiating between greens, yellows, and reds.