Ask any Hindustani and they’ll tell you all about their deep connect a.k.a. childhood memories of the cinema. In our Indian colloquial- it was always about the heroes, heroines, action, songs, dance, villains, revenge, romance, drama, tragedy, and comedy. The cinemagoer went to a majestic gala of emotions and experienced a rollercoaster of feelings - disgust at the villain’s lecherous attitude towards our heroine, laughter at the banter between the hero and his sidekicks, joy at the romance between our meant-to-be-together hero and heroine, angry when everyone’s against their relationship, sadness when the couple hit the rocks, fear when the hero is outnumbered by his enemies, and ecstasy when the couple overcome all the odds and pave way for a happy-ever-after ending.

We loved it for how it was and we’re proud of how it’s changing- new filmmakers bring in fresher aspects, people have begun to love sublime acting more than good looks (case in point, Nawazuddin and Rajkumar Rao), the themes are evolving and so are the storylines (Word!). However, there are characters and looks from the dear ol’ Indian cinema sketched into our memories that’ll be there for a long time to come. A few of those looks entwine with unique Chashmas (Kaala, Rangeen, aur Nazar Ka) and hype it up for a solid reason of style. Let’s have a look at some of those iconic glasses:

Zeenat Aman From Hare Krishna Hare Ram

No other than Zeenat Aman could do justice to a role like Jasbir/Janice’s with her devil-may-care attitude and spirited personality. In this movie, Jasbir/Janice lives the bohemian life, is always with an entourage of hippies, smokes the chillum, and adorns an unconventional (to say the very least) dressing sense. But, what stands out is her choice of sunglasses. Beady-eyed, oversized, rimless, and

freely-shaped- the glasses were a true embodiment of the character she played in the movie. Even today, not many could rock those sunglasses as the zestful Aman did.

Bobby Deol From Soldier

Even if you are the cinema purist who loves a rewatch of Sahib Bibi Aur Ghulam, Pyaasa, Garam Hawa, or the classics of the golden age of Indian films, you just can’t ignore Bobby Deol in Soldier. After all “..soldier soldier, meethi baatein bolkar..” is still among the most hummable song lyrics you’ll ever listen to. We loved the action and the comedy, but most of all we loved the dashing & uber-cool Bobby Deol in his micro, minimalist, and oval-shaped glasses. For anyone who says the sunglasses look like the one from The Matrix, remember that Soldier released a year before it.

Shahid Kapoor From Jab We Met

Ah! This is what you call a rom-com! Jab We Met is the cinematic equivalent of romantic movies coming of age. The on-screen chemistry between Shahid and Kareena sent sparks flying all through the film- the comedy was ingenious and the romance meant to melt your heart. We marveled at Geet’s happy-go-lucky personality and the impeccable class of Aditya – two people from worlds apart meeting at the unlikeliest juncture in life. However, we were struck by how dignified Shahid Kapoor’s glasses looked in the movie. An absolute peach of a choice for nothing exhibits regality like a pair of rimless and semi-rimless glasses. If there has ever been eyewear that echoes a character’s personality, it’s those glasses Aditya wore.

Vicky Kaushal From Manmarziyan

Manmarziyan was eh…different from every Indian movie you saw in 2018. Unlike other movies, the story revolved around a woman’s choices and the results that come with it. Unlike most movies, the woman wasn’t a caricature. Unlike every other movie, it didn’t conform to societal norms. Tapsee portrays her character’s free spirit immaculately and that shows from her mannerisms to dressing sense. Her lover, Vicky, is a character at par with her out-of-the-ordinary personality. His swashbuckling style is best encapsulated in his choice of sunglasses- classic frames in vibrant colors and lively mirrored tints that establishes his flamboyant sense of fashion (Check here to get a mirrored one for yourself)

Shahrukh Khan From Raees

If he’s on the big screen, you know fosho he’s slaying it. The man is larger-than-life, he’s sophistication personified, an enigma, and a living legend. Every upcoming movie is hyped up - the movie might not do well, but he surely does. Raees was a hit but not only in terms of how much it

collected at the box office. His look became a rage as soon as the trailer was released- partly because of the glasses he flaunted- unconventionally bridged at the top and uniquely semi-rimmed. It’s what you call an eye-catching look- certainly one you would like.