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Chashma For Kids - Meant For Little Stars

Wondering where and which eyeglasses to buy for your toddler because he keeps breaking them? Chashma’s exclusive kids' collection satisfies your demands. We agree if these little wonders don't get to play, how will they grow? We bring you highly tangible and high-strength frame material that is perfect for the eyeglasses for kids who love to play wild in playgrounds. Lens materials such as CR-39, Trivex, and polycarbonate are specially cut for the kids' eyeglasses. Eye frames for kids come in beautiful designs, and peppy shapes like cat-eye shapes, square frames, and rectangle frames, among others, allow you to pick the perfect frame per your kids' face cutting. 

The frame material is also comfy, so the kids to not irritated by the heavy weight of the lens and frames over their nose bridge. Check out the collection for kids on the website, or call us at your home for a Chashma Home Try-On service. Also, check out the blue cut lenses zero-powered for your kids. Even if they do not require prescription eyeglasses, using zero power blue cut lenses for your child is necessary these days. The exposure to blue light from the sun and the LED screens from phones, laptops, and television have increased and require alerts toward the harmful effect of blue light on kids.