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q: What’s required to order eyeglasses online?

If you want to buy prescription eyeglasses online, you’ll need to enter details from the prescription given by your ophthalmologist, optometrist, and opticians. Make sure that the prescription contains the measurement of pupillary distance. If the optometrist hasn’t mentioned it on your prescription, follow these steps to measure it yourself. These are the only things required, per se.

q: What can I get delivered at my place?

We deliver eyeglasses, prescription sunglasses, accessories, and contact lens. We deliver prescription as well as non-prescription sunglasses. If you are looking only for style, check out our non-prescription sunglasses section here. If you want to go for a mix of usability and fashion statements, check out our prescription sunglasses here.

q: Does Chashma deliver prescription sunglasses?

Prescription sunglasses are all the rage in fashion, they’re great outdoors and function the same as clear prescription glasses. There are three options- a gradient tint (concentrated colors at the top and lighter ones at the bottom), solid tint (a singular color with the same level of concentration everywhere), or mirrored (tint that works like a colored mirror).

q: What’s included with the purchase, except for what I paid?

Except for the eyeglasses, we deliver a wooden protective case for it and a finely woven microfiber cloth that’s perfect for cleaning it.

q: What if I forgot something and need to make changes to the order?

We’re wired to make and deliver the products to you as soon as possible. If you have forgotten something or want to change the order, the right way would be to call us at 0000000000 or support@chashma.com.

q: I have decided to cancel the order, how do I go about it?

We want to stand out with our service and delivery. We can only refund the whole amount to you if we haven’t begun working on it. We request you to inform us regarding the cancellation at the earliest by calling us on 000000000.

q: This seems really affordable. Is there any amount you ask us to pay later?

Not at all! The delivery charges is included in the price we ask for. There are absolutely no hidden price or charges we ask you to pay at later stages of the process.

q: Can I order more than one glasses and of various prescriptions?

If you want to order for yourself and close ones. You can type-in and save those prescriptions in your account with us. Later, you can choose a pair of frames and lenses online and choose the power of lenses with any previously saved prescription. This makes it easy for you to order glasses for your family.



q: I see that the size of each frame is mentioned on your website. Is there a way to measure the frame I’m wearing?

It’s an easy task if you already own a pair of frames. Hold the frame in your hands and look at the inner side of its left temple. The numbers are usually printed there. It might read something like this, ’51 -19-142’. Here ‘51’ is the diameter of the frame, ‘19’ is the length of the bridge, and ‘142’ is the length of the frame’s temple.

q: Which material do you use to make the frames?

A variety of materials. We have frames made of titanium steel which are feather-light and hypoallergenic, TR90 frames which are extremely sturdy and smooth, Acetate frames that are ever-popular and a type of plastic, wooden frames that are eco-friendly and super-stylish, rubber frames that are perfect for kids, and stainless steel frames.

q: What are the choices of frames shapes Chashma has on offer?

We have a bunch of shapes for you- we have Round, Browline, Hexagonal, Cat-Eyes, Rectangular, Oval, Pilot, and Square. That’s not all, there are frames so uniquely designed to not fall into any shapes.

q: I require only frames without powered lenses. Will Chashma deliver it?

Select a frame and you’ll be asked to choose lenses, go for the ‘frame only’ option you see there. You can choose to buy cool accessories to go with the frame.

q: Which frames fit my face?

It’s our face shape that determines which type of frames will look good on us. Here’s a quick explainer for you, click here to understand which frame shape’s the best for you. Our faces are a mix of various shapes, so even if some frames shapes will be strongly recommended to you, it’s not Gospel and you can go for any frame that you think looks good.

q: Like a connoisseur would ask, which material is the best one for making frames?

Each material boasts its own unique strengths and features. Here’s a quick guide for you to understand the type of materials used to make our frames.

q: Does Chashma make glasses exclusively for children?

We know it’s a different style and quality needed for children, one that’s delivered by Chashma. If you need rubber glasses for children, we have it. If you need colourful and minute sized frames, we have got you there.

q: I am trying to order a pair of bifocal/progressive glasses but I am not able to proceed further. Why?

According to technical guidelines, a frame with height lesser than 30mm should not be used to make bifocals or progressive glasses. If a local shop is willing to make it, don’t purchase it as it’s bound to cause a lot of problems.

q: I ordered a pair of tortoiseshell frames that looks a bit different than what I ordered online. Why?

Tortoiseshell frames are made from acetate sheets that have a unique pattern imprinted on them. While every frame carved from a sheet of tortoiseshell acetate will look similar, the imprint won’t be a 100% match to what you order online.



q: My eyes get tired after working on my laptop/playing games online/ using my phone. Do you have any lenses to protect my eyes?

Well, Chashma Blue Cut is made especially to stop the blue light coming from digital screens. Even progressive glasses and Rodenstock can be inherently made with blue light blocking material. It’s all available at Chashma right now.

q: Which lenses should I choose for my eyeglasses?

It all depends on your requirements. Take a look at the different types of lenses available (hyperlink to lens guide Chashma). You can go for photochromatic glasses that change their color when exposed to sunlight, you can go for clear single vision lenses that are transparent and work like a charm, or you can go for blue cut lenses if most of your time is spent working in front of a screen. Every pair of lenses is coated with HMC- a type of coat that mixes hard coat, UV protection, Anti-Reflective (Anti-Glare) with smudge & scratch resistance—an amazing all-in-one coating for you.

q: What does lens index mean? Why are there numbers like ‘1.50’,‘1.56’, ‘1.59’, ‘1.67’, and ‘1.74’ mentioned after each product?

Lenses are made of a higher index if they have to hold a greater power (dioptre) than usual. Also, higher the lens index, thinner the center of that lens will be. Many people prefer glasses with a higher index because they want the lens to be as slim as possible.

q: What’s short-sightedness or myopia? How do I correct my vision?

Myopia, also called short-sightedness or near-sightedness is a common eye condition where distant objects seem blurred. It’s a refractive error that can be corrected with single-vision lenses. If there’s a negative value mentioned on your prescription, you’re being treated for short-sightedness, look for the ‘- ‘sign before the number.

q: What’s far-sightedness? How can I correct my vision?

Far-sightedness, hyperopia, or hypermetropia is an eye condition where you can see distant objects clearly but can’t focus on near objects. This, like myopia, can be corrected with single vision lenses. The ‘+’ sign before the number denotes correction for far-sightedness. Look for the positive value on your prescription and you’ll know you’re being treated for hyperopia.

q: Why are reading glasses used?

As we reach the age of 40, the crystalline lens in our eyes become rigid and isn’t able to focus the light on the retina like before. This is called presbyopia and can be corrected with the help of reading glasses. If someone’s already using glasses to correct other refractive errors, you’ll have to go for bifocal lenses or progressive glasses.

q: What is astigmatism?

To answer simply, astigmatism is an eye condition that causes a person to see blurred at all distances. Astigmatism can be treated with specially-made corrective glasses. The prescription to treat astigmatism is much more detailed than usual prescription.

q: How do you read a prescription?

If you’re curious about the acronyms mentioned on your prescription, click here to understand what they actually mean.

q: How do photochromatic glasses work?

Photochromatic glasses begin changing their color when exposed to sunlight. It makes for an amazing piece of eyewear because it allows one to move without worrying about sunlight or missing out on pulling off a style statement. Transitions is one of the biggest brand in photochromic lenses, if you’re looking for the best out there in photochromic lenses.

q: What are progressive glasses?

If you need a pair of glasses that can correct vision for multiple refractive errors, that too without showing any telltale lines like bifocals, progressive glasses are for you.

q: Which lenses should I order?

It depends on what you require. Chashma has an in-built feature/step in the shopping process where all you have to do is type in your prescription details and it’ll recommend the best choice for you. There are options galore, choose one which you think is the best for you.


Shipping and Return

q: How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Most of our orders are delivered within 5-10 days. But some products may take a longer time to be delivered such as Rodenstock or progressive glasses.

q: How much is Chashma’s delivery charge?

The delivery charge is flat, constant, and included in the price you pay for a product.

q: I want to return my order. Inform me of the procedure to do so.

You can return an order within 15 days of receiving your order, if there’s a manufacturing defect in the frame. If the problem can be resolved with a bit of adjustment, send them to us and we will do it for you.



q: What forms of payment do you accept?

You can pay us through VISA, NetBanking, UPI, Wallets, and MasterCard- all popular ways of payment.

q: What if there’s a problem with paying online?

If you’re unable to pay online, contact us at support@chashma.com or call us at xxxxxxxxx


Taking Care Of My Glasses

q: What should I do if my glasses aren’t a perfect fit?

If you’re not satisfied with what you’ve received, send it back and we will make it perfect for you FREE OF COST!

q: I feel a bit weird after putting on glasses. My vision just feels different. Is it always like that?

If you’re wearing glasses for the first time, it’ll feel different doing so. It takes time to adjust to new glasses. Don’t switch the glasses as it’ll delay the process of adjusting to new glasses. If you’re wearing progressive or bifocal glasses, it will take almost two weeks for you to completely adjust to those

q: How do I clean my new glasses and take care of them?

There are a few simple guidelines:

Don’t use paper towels, your tshirt or shirt, tissues, or household products to clean the glasses.
  Don’t use extremely hot or cold water to clean the glasses, it’ll damage the lenses.
  Don’t try and ‘clean-out’ a scratch as it’s bound to worsen the condition.
  Don’t use bathroom or cosmetic products to clean the glasses as it might cause immense damage to it.

Use a microfiber cleaning cloth to clean the glasses. If there’s anything stuck on the glasses, run it under lukewarm water before cleaning it.



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