How to Order
Glasses Online?

We know you sneer at the idea of buying glasses online. You say going to the store is the right way to buy glasses. Chashma’s here to change all that, getting you the best fit in the first try.

Step 1 – Frames

Scroll through the sea of collection from Chashma and choose one which will look the best on you. View a product from all angles and get a frame that says ‘style’ like no other.

Step 2 – Fill-in the prescription

If you’re looking for prescription glasses, click the ‘add lenses’ option. You will see multiple options to choose from, ranging from ‘single-vision’ to ‘progressive’. You can also go for non-prescription glasses if you’re buying frames only for style.

Select your prescription

If you do select to go for prescription glasses, you’ll be taken to a step where you have to enter prescription details.

Step 3 – Choose the
Type Of Lenses

Choose lenses according to your needs. If it’s the good-old clear view lenses you want, select those. If you want glasses that protect against the digital light coming from screens, use blue cut glasses. If you want glasses that change their color when the sun rays hit, use photochromic glasses. If you seek the world’s finest German craftsmanship, choose Rodenstock glasses.

Choose your lens

Step 4 – Choose Tints

If you like a tinge of color on your lenses, you can go for several options-among those are solid colored lenses that have the same saturation of color throughout. You can choose gradient lenses that have a darker tone of color at the top and lightens at the bottom. You can go for mirrored tints that charismatically shine with color and show reflections like a mirror.


Step 5 – Choose Accessories

Everybody needs a few accessories, get some to groove up the fashion quotient. You have a range from cleaning solutions to microfiber cloth and jute bags.

Step 6 – Payment

All that’s left to do is now pay and wait for a sweet few days. Chashma will bring irresistible style to you.

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