What are Progressive Lenses?

These are lenses meant for people who are both nearsighted and farsighted. There’s no need to switch between reading glasses and distance glasses. These lenses come with the benefit of both.

How do they work?

Progressive lenses are an amazing piece of engineering which allows multiple fields i.e distance, intermediate, near to be incorporated into a single lens. The middle intermediate distance makes switching your focus between closer and far objects feel more comfortable.

Different Types of Progressive Lenses

Standard Progressive Lenses

As the name suggests, these are the bog standard progressive lenses that can be found just about anywhere prescription glasses are offered. It should be explained that these lenses are plenty capable and are likely the best fit for most people looking for progressive lenses.

Short Corridor Progressive Lenses

Short corridor lenses are specifically designed to fit into shorter or vertically smaller frames. Having a larger selection of frames to choose from is a significant benefit ensuring you won’t be limited in your choice of frame size and style.

Computer Progressive Lenses

Computer progressive lenses are also referred to as intermediate progressives as they don’t feature a distance portion at the top of the lens. These lenses are best for someone who spends a lot of time working in front of the computer but also needs vision correction when reading things closer to their face.

Long Progressive Lenses

Premium progressive lenses are designed to provide a wider and smoother view. These lenses are highly customizable for your prescription, chosen frame, and eye anatomy. The lenses make transitioning between different prescriptions feel smoother as well. The cost of premium progressives lenses is high because of these features.