Chashma’s Frames

Chashma relies on its own manufacturing centre for frames. We have also partnered with indigenous frame makers across India. Devoid of any license fees or third-party commissions, the cost incurred is extremely low. This lets us deliver the best of India at the best of prices.

Chashma’s Lens Centres

Chashma’s avant-garde lens manufacturing units are established in our dear own Hindustan. Chashma don’t require foreign third-party vendors for making or fitting in the lenses. We deliver prime quality lenses, made with machines NASA would be jealous of.


Local stores implicitly charge you for rent, electricity, in-house lenses, salaries, and push products based on the commission they get. Chashma’s E-Store stands apart, getting you world-class products at unbelievable prices.

Chashma’s Warehouse

Chashma owns warehouse that eliminate the cost of rent and distribution. So, there are no hidden cost of rent, to-and-fro travel expenses, or management charges you’re paying for.

Delivery Across The Nation

Chashma charges a flat rate for delivery across the country. The delivery is made within a sweet few days, faster than anyone else.

Why choose Chashma over others?

Chashma is celebration of Indian makers and manufacturers. It’s a testament to our capability of producing world-class products, take our frames and lenses as an example. It’s a revelation of India’s art of business, which brings the best products from across the world to you at a price that suits your budget. You bought local for the ease and prices it offered- now, you’ll do it for the quality.

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